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warwick v durham v edinburgh v bristol

i have offers to study mathematics at all four unis mentioned above, i'm really struggling to know where to go!
in terms of city, i really like edinburgh, then bristol. i haven't visited durham yet and i'm not sure if i will, would it be a good idea to? i really really do not like the warwick campus, but it is ranked so highly for maths so i'm not sure!!
which uni would give me the best career prospects aswell? or does the uni not so much matter as the grade?
i'm not sure about durham because i'm not so into the idea of having to wear gowns and stuff and formal dinners.
please help!!!
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I don't know much but i remember there was a major student housing shortage in Durham last year so there will likely be issues surrounding housing in Y2/Y3 Edinburgh's a great city though.
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