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Booked a studio but i’m worried it’s wrong

I recently booked a Premium Range 1 Studio at Unite Students Grand Central, Liverpool.
My tenancy agreement does clearly state in large letters “room type - STUDIO” “room classification- PREMIUM RANGE 1”
All that’s fine except my tenancy agreement also says “floor 3, Flat *number*, Room A” which to me sounds like what you’d get in a shared flat? I’ve emailed the company just to confirm it is indeed a studio but I was wondering if anyone else’s studio is like this? Because I can’t really work out how it would be “flat number” AND “room number”
Sorry if this is dense But I reserved the room via the company’s online chat and had all the agreements sent over and then revived my booking confirmation so It is a legit booking I’m just paranoid the booking is wrong
I was curious and Googled (I knew nothing about the property). It has 2 large blocks comprising of 1200 rooms. Presumably because of the different lift lobbies, each of these clusters get flat numbers, and then room letters. I guess in doubt, email them to ask them about the flat number and room letter.

Your Premium Range 1 Studio looks lovely!

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