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How important are GCSEs to university applications?

I’m in year 10. Maybe it’s a bit early but I think I want to do veterinary medicine at university, or definitely something in science, but I’m worried because I haven’t taken GCSEs that are very relevant- I’m doing product design, art, history, Spanish and triple science (along with English and maths obviously). I think I want to do biology, chemistry and physics A levels, but will my GCSE choices affect my university applications much? I’ve heard Geography can help for science subjects and I sort of wish I took that instead of art because I don’t enjoy art very much. Or is it more important I just do well?
GCSEs matter more for some than others for example nottingham only look at your gcse grades instead of your a level predictions. However they don’t matter in terms of the actual subjects themselves, some schools will specific they want a 7 in certain subjects like maths or a science but they don’t particularly care what subjects you actually take.
Take what you enjoy so you can do well in them! X
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Thank you for the advice!! this is very helpful, and comforting haha

What are you on about 😭

Your GCSEs are fine. You have triple Science and Maths and those are the key GCSEs for science courses. Sme schools only offer double science. The key will be good grades at A level. Generally GCSE grades dont really matter but they may for Vet Medicine.

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