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Geography A-Level revision help

If anyone could help me or give me advice on the best ways to revise/good website/quizlets/anything like that to revise Edexcel geography alevel that would be so great, I really struggle finding resources and revising. For context I am in year 12 and doing my end of year mocks soon. Thank you so much! Emily :smile:
In terms of revision, mind maps with diagrams are really good for physical geography. I used them for tectonics and despite being predicted a B, I got an A on my most recent mock. For human, it’s just constant practice because you can almost use the topics interchangeably as long as you can explain them in your 12/20 markers.

LEARN your local place. Super important because in the exam, you will most likely need to talk about it.

I would definitely say learn specific facts for your case studies, as it's important to be place specific. Also, the website 'Weebly' is honestly amazing - some one created it to have each section of the specification with good relevant information and detail :smile:

Physics and Maths Tutor (PMT) do useful papers and notes -

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