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would anybody check over my section 1 of my log book and tell me how to improve?

For my devised drama performance , me and my group were given 4 different situlises to evaluate and choose from. The four stimuli I got given were: Fast Car, An Extract from “The ones who walk away from omelas”, The Cottingley Fairies and The Roswell UFO sighting. I decided to look into The Cottingley Fairies. From this stimuli I connected the idea of not believing everything you see. I got the message of immaturity and people seeing things as fairies directly conjugated to fantasy and letting your imagination take over. I decided to look through these ideas. Then I did some research and looked at the Forbes newspapers. 75% of American news headlines fool adults showing me how gullible some adults can be to the press . If I was going to use this I would have created a divided piece on somebody who is very gullible towards the news and everything they see. I decided to look into how different people can gullible depending on age. For example the Cottingley Fairies fooled grown adults but would a teenager be fooled by it. I decided to look into Fast Car. I got the idea from a fast car about running away from something and running towards another. One of the ideas I had was somebody running away from a country to start a new life in another as an immigrant. I decided to look at migration statistics in the house of commons library. 1.1 people immigrate to the uk in the year ending in june 2022. I decided to look into how different people in different generations would deal with migrating to another country. For example a child would maybe take things as an adventure rather than an adult who would take things more seriously and understand the severity of the situation. Another one is why they would want to run away and how that would affect them throughout a play. Would it traumatize them and they will carry what they went through for their entire life or did they not go through much.Another idea I thought about was abuse and somebody running away together . I got the idea of somebody running away from abuse from the quote “i got a ticket to get us out of here”. I decided to go more in depth and look at the abuse rates in the uk for children and it says one in 14 children experience abuse of their own family and 75% of children know another being neglected. 100,000 children run away from home every year in the UK, that's one every five minutes. This just highlights it is not uncommon to see this happening and how it has been normalized in society . This made me bring up the idea to my group. Me and my group decided to create a drama performance on abusive parents. I decided to lead into the idea of an emotionally abusive mother as women are more stereotypical emotional abusive rather than physical towards daughters. Me and my group decided on the idea of the character who engages in the act of running away being teenerages. We decided on this because the age range most runaways are is 12-17. Me and my group intended to make a drama performance on 2 teenagers, one who has an abusive mother and the other an abusive father. We decided to create a father who has had somebody leave him to then develop into an alcoholic. We did this as men are twice more likely to have an alcohol addiction then women and men are stereotypical more physical than women. The idea was to have 2 runways to lovers that bonded over the fact they both were in abusive households. Creating a trauma bond between the two of the teeneragers. The idea was at the end the teenerager who came from the alcoholic father turns into an alcoholic. This was to create the idea of a circular narrative then the emotional abused child gets abused again but physical this time.

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