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Let's come together and discuss what life is like at our respective universities in the UK, and give prospective students an idea of what to expect.

As an international student pursuing my Design Management (MA) degree at the Winchester School of Art, my life as a postgraduate student at the University of Southampton is both academically challenging and socially fulfilling.
During term time, I have four days of classes per week, ranging from two to four hours each day, which include lectures, seminars, and group activities. These classes provide me with an opportunity to learn from experienced professors and engage with my peers, deepening my understanding of the subject matter.
When I am not attending classes or participating in society sessions, I spend my time studying at the library. I typically study for two to three hours each day, either on campus or at The Arc - The Winchester Public Library. This helps me avoid last-minute assignment submissions and allows me to manage my workload more effectively.
As a member of SUPS (Photography Society) and Fish on Toast (Entrepreneurship and Business Society), I get to engage in activities that align with my interests outside of my academic pursuits. These societies have enabled me to meet like-minded individuals and expand my network, providing valuable opportunities for skill-building and personal growth.
Additionally, the university regularly hosts workshops and events on a wide range of topics, from academic writing to mindfulness, which offer an opportunity to learn something new and interact with fellow students.
Overall, my experience as a postgraduate student at the University of Southampton has been enriching and fulfilling. The supportive and inclusive environment of the university has helped me thrive both academically and socially, and I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have come my way.

What is life like at your university? Do reply.

If you are considering the University of Southampton, feel free to ask any questions you may have in the thread.

Best Wishes
Priya :smile:
Postgraduate Ambassador
University of Southampton

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