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What's the best Sport Physiotherapy MSc

Which is the best UK M.Sc in sport physiotherapy?

Hello everyone!

I'd like to enroll in a M.Sc in sport physiotherapy and, googling, I have found interesting the following ones:
"Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health MSc" at the Univesity College London

"Sports and Exercise Medicine MSc" at the University of Nottingham


That said, which one do you think is the best based on:
- more physiotherapy-oriented syllabus (first of all, assessment and rehabilitation. However, also one or two sport-related modules would be appreciated, such as strength and conditioning especially)
- more practice-oriented (practice and theory. I'm not really interested in research)
- university prestige (UCL is one of the best in the world. I know that the University of Birmingham is well evaluated, too. But what about the other ones? Nottingham University?
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