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ChatGPT on EPQ

Before you read this post, I want to clarify that I HAVE NOT used ChatGPT on my EPQ.

I'm sure you have heard of ChatGPT by now, and its pretty big in the news with people using it to cheat on homework, blah blah blah. With the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) we're told that they use a bunch of plagiarism checkers - that if you're caught plagiarising could cost you a bunch of marks, if not your entire grade.

I was looking at an article the other day on how there are tools out there now which detect AI-written text using some complicated machine learning stuff and out of curiosity to see if it worked I tried GPT-Zero and a few others out. I put in some text which I generated with AI and it spotted it flawlessly, and as well as loads of text I'd copied and pasted from the internet. and it all got flagged as human written. As a final test before I went to bed I uploaded my epq (which I'm submitting on MONDAY) and 60% of the text got flagged as AI written! (Bear in mind I only found out about chatgpt after I had already written most of my dissertation)

Is it worth going through and rewriting loads out of fear getting flagged up if the exam board uses it on my text? I'm freaking out right now!
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If you haven't used ChatGPT, and you've cited correctly, you've nothing to worry about. It would be extremely harsh on you if the exam board marked you down without any real evidence. Your teacher will run your dissertation through a plagiarism checker, and so will the exam board.

I think recently the IB decided to allow you to cite ChatGPT as long as you do it correctly: some day A Levels and EPQ will have to catch up. But if you're not sure, a rewrite can be worth it.
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It is a tall order to rewrite it all by Monday.

Is it likely to be put through a ChatGPT detector? I could be wrong but I would think it more likely it will just be put through something like Turnitin (if that) at EPQ level. Not sure your teachers want the hassle of ChatGPT detection and am not sure that the exam board would bother at that level (but I could be wrong).
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If you genuinely haven't used an AI tool to write sections of your EPQ then no. These AI checking tools are poorly validated and have too many false positives to prove anything.
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