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Advice for MPhil/Postgraduate Economics Application from a German University

Hey guys,

I did some research here but couldn't really find any advice for my situation, so I thought I'd just ask.

A brief introduction of myself: Im a fourth-semester student pursuing a degree in Economics at a top university in Germany. Along with achieving good grades, I have actively participated in extracurricular activities. Additionally, I have completed a specialized University program that resulted in a Data Science certificate.

My goal is to obtain a master’s degree in economics at either Oxford, Cambridge, or LSE. However, I have a concern regarding the timeline of completing my bachelor’s degree and its impact on my master’s degree application.

Currently, I have two Options:

1. Finish my bachelor July 2024 in the 6th Semester (Courses and bachelor thesis): this would likely lower my final grade and I might not be able to work as a research assistant in the 6th Semester.

2. Complete all my courses in the 6th semester while also working as a research assistant, and then write my Bachelor thesis in the 7th semester. In this case, I would receive my bachelor’s thesis grade and thus my final grade in February 2025.

I am currently leaning towards option two because it would enable me to work as a research assistant (prop also a nicer LoR) and improve my final grade.

My goal is to apply for the master's program starting in September 2025, and I am aware that application deadlines vary between universities.

For example, if I choose option two, I will need to apply to Cambridge with a provisional final grade before the deadline of 1 December 2024, which could be a disadvantage right? Similarly, I may need to apply to Oxford with a provisional final grade or submit my final grade close to the last deadline 1 March 2025. I feel like this would be a big disadvantage, but I am not really sure. As far as the letter of recommendation is concerned, I don't think there is much difference between the two options. Maybe option two leads to a slightly nicer LoR.

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to approach this situation.

Sorry for the long text & thanks, guys, for your time and consideration

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