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Anyone who does Medicine at Oxford or knows anyone who studies medicine there… what we’re your GCSE grades?
I wouldn’t focus on GCSEs too much, Oxford have no formal requirements. However naturally you will find people who do well at AL to get the grades for Oxford medicine will be highly intelligent individuals so their GCSEs will likely be quite high.

Like Cambridge, Oxford have also taken a more holistic approach to GCSEs, so if you are attending somewhere like Eton you would be expected to get pretty much all 9s across the board because of the standard of education you have been privileged to receive. On the other hand if you were a care child who goes to an underperforming secondary school, your GCSEs would be looked at in a very different light because you have not been afforded the same privileges that would heavily boost your abilities and opportunities.
Oxford focus very heavily on BMAT for interview shortlisting but again this is taken in context of your circumstances.

Focus on doing the best you can and try not to compare stats to others because if you get to interview, no amount of 9s or A*s will make you successful in that interview! Many candidates with ‘perfect’ stats get rejected annually from top unis across the uk because numbers on a page are not everything :smile:

For more info on their admissions here’s the website
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