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Getting a reference for my ucas application

Hello, basically I’m applying to university for 2024/25 and I need a reference for my ucas application. The thing is I left my sixth form in 2017 and therefore haven’t any contact with any of my teachers for 5 years, should I contact the head office for permission and and ask for them to forward on my request or should I email the the teachers directly? (I’ve checked the staff list and my subject teachers are still there fortunately). Honestly i’m kinda worried if they all say no as I would either have to submit my application without a reference or use my friends as a reference and both options would most likely be catastrophic.
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Just ring the main office and explain the situation and ask how they normally provide ucas references for ex students.
If you have been out of education for 5 years, you also need to check that any Unis you apply to don't want 'recent study' - often Unis want evidence of study within 5 or even 3 years. Check with each Uni.

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