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How much revision are people doing per day in the Easter holiday for uni exams. Also is 4 weeks enough to revise, i have to go in for lectures for 3 of these 4 weeks still though. I am worried I have not left enough time.
That's plenty of time to revise! Several weeks is enough as long as you're not cramming everything the night before you'll be fine.
You need to break your revision down to doing blocks. No one can concentrate for more than 40 minutes so break it down to short revision sessions with breaks in between where you get up and walk around for 2 minutes. You need to be putting in about 3-4 hours of revision per day to pass comfortably.
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Thank you 3/4 hours for passing seems a lot for 4 weeks of revision. I started on around 4/5 hrs but want to ideally get a better grade. Thank you for your help. I think I have got to do at least 6/8 hrs to do good. Is this about right?

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