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Part time jobs

Part-time work is a good way to earn extra money and it looks good on your CV. With the current cost of living crisis many students feel like they have to get a job ( I know this is how I feel)

A great place to look when thinking about a part-time job is Launchpad our Careers and placements service at York St John.

Launchpad can help students with part-time jobs, internships, placement years and volunteering opportunities. Launchpad also hosts job fairs with businesses in York

For more info you can click this link

I personally work as Student Ambassador. I work with the University delivering campus tours, doing admin work and supporting on open days. The role is brilliant as it's really varied, pays well and fits with my studies. Shifts are available all throughout the year and you just sign up as and when you want to work. I tend to sign up when I'm not in University. I find working as a student ambassador really helps just top up my money.

It is also worth mentioning there are many perks to the job

Make friends with other Ambassadors
On school visits and open days, we get lunch provided.
Summer schools are lots of fun we go out for dinner and do activities with the young people.

Hope this helps.

Rebecca :smile:

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