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how to be productive when studying?

any tips?
Whether you are studying for GCSE or A levels or even at university (whatever it is for) I find that making a to do list is really helpful as it gathers all the things you need to know into one place and once you start studying each topic on the list you can tick it off and sometimes this motivates you to get to the end of the list therefore it keeps you productive and sticking to studying.
If this doesn't work try and give yourself rewards at the end of studying - it doesn't have to be huge it can be something small like treating yourself to watching an episode of your favourite show and you'll really want to finish studying and keep going till the end so you can get the reward.
Another thing is make sure you don't just read over your notes from class instead make flashcards and turn them into questions, I like using online flashcards as it saves time - I use Quizlet.
If you have done the flashcards try putting them away and writing an essay from everything you could remember once done get your flashcards out again and in another colour fill in any blanks or missed point you left out. This will help you to fill in the gaps of what you know and don't, hopefully making it easier to see your strengths and weaknesses

I really hope this helped , I know these methods don't work for everyone but give them a try and see what works with you,

Good lock with your studies

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