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Night before the exam

Hiya, what should I do the night before an exam?
I'd say if there are any resources you can use that's like quick revision before your exam just watch or look over it and make quick key bullet points or even a spider diagram. After that just eat something healthy or drink plenty of water or juice even and have a relaxing bath, then just treat yourself to a good snack watch something and sleep early.

That's how i'd prepare for most of my exams, and in the morning if I felt as if I didn't revise enough or I just needed to go through notes I'd go to school early, asked some friends or classmates if they wanted to revise with me and we'd use our notes together to make more concise notes and like yeah but it's different for everyone and honestly it's just more about recapping a few things and just relaxing and taking it easy.

I wish you the best of luck though, you'll do very well!
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Hiya, what should I do the night before an exam?

Hi @anonymous #1 the best advise I can give is to relax and have an early night. I would suggest doing any last minute revision before half 7 latest 8 and then wind down to relive your stress and be well rest for the morning. On the morning of the exam I would recommend looking through flashcards and bullet point for key information rather than a textbook you are more likely to remember these points. Good Luck on you Exam and hope this helps!

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watch tiktok rly worksfor me

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