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Is University of Law an actual university?

It's not on any league tables. Is it a good place to study law? Is it famous?
Is it real? Yes. It’s a for-profit university.

It isn’t in league tables - it is a specialist university and league tables rank more traditional and not for profit universities.

Is it a good place to study law? That depends what you’re looking for. Personally I wouldn’t recommend it for undergrad law unless you’re a mature student looking for convenience. It’s stronger in postgrad as that’s the core of what it offered when it was the College of Law.

Is it famous? Not really.
Original post by imloki
It's not on any league tables. Is it a good place to study law? Is it famous?

Hi there

I am a student ambassador studying at the ULAW Bristol campus and can confirm that ULAW is an actual university! ULAW has 16 campuses in the UK as well as international campuses in Hong Kong, Berlin and an Online campus - so quite a few!

Are you looking at undergraduate or postgraduate study?

I am currently doing my LPC at ULAW so can only give my perspective of whether its a good place to study (which may be slightly biased and based on the Bristol campus!)

The main attractions of ULAW for me was the employability and teaching aspects of it so if those are factors at the top of your list then it is definitely a good place to study at. In terms of employability, there are loads of Pro Bono opportunities that the uni runs which is great for gaining experience, giving back to the community and is attractive to future employers. The employability team are also very helpful/approachable and have close links with a lot of local firms which can be great when getting advice/help if you have an interview, for example. In terms of the teaching, over 90% of the tutors are practicing (or have practiced as) solicitors/barristers which means you are learning from those with extensive practical experience which differentiates ULAW from other universities. The Bristol campus is small and the quantity of people in workshops is too which means you actually get to know your tutors which I have found enhances the quality of teaching.

Is there anything in particular that you are looking for in a place to study? If there is then let me know and I'll get back you!

Kate :smile:

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