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Nat 5 Physics 2023

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Original post by Thomas Limpitlaw

I usually get around 80-95% in past papers but I thought the paper was quite tricky. The half life question type that was in it actually isn't in the course so I would predict the pass mark etc would be dropped for that. The drop the pass mark, A mark etc depending on how much of Scotland got the question right and only 1 student in my class I know got it - and he seen it in one old INT 2 paper. I thought the paper was worded (especially the multiple choice) unusually than usual. I had to read questions a few times to understand what they were wanting. The paper is up on the MRS Physics web page (got to past paper section). I dont know what they think the answer is for the diffraction question in the MC, both D and E are suitable as their wavelength remains the same distance. All the teachers I know have no idea about what THE SQA are thinking for that question because the question never stated if the gap size increased or decreased which would make it easier. But this will come up in markers meetings.

Hopefully this will result in generous marking

Hi! I believe the answer is E as in diffraction i think the actual wavelength remains the same, however in D when the wave bends the gap is bigger than the other waves if that makes sense, however in E the wavelength which i think is the gap between the lines remains the same but i’m not sure
Original post by DZ007
I managed to mess up both half life questions in physics and chemistry 💀💀💀 but for physics they definitely allow follow through so I could get 2/2. For chemistry they asked how much had decayed and asked as a fraction but for some reason I got 93.75/100 instead of 15/16, would they give me any marks for working? It was 3 marks and I was very annoyed afterwards it was a stupid mistake

i did. the same however we should hopefully still get 1 or 2 marks
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Original post by Axiom123

I’ve just done my nat 5 physics exam and I find it way harder than 2022. Somehow, I managed to finish the paper before the exam ends but I’m worried mainly how difficult some questions were.

lol l literally wondered how l got an A that was the hardest exam ever and the time was so short:confused:

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