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is there a markscheme out for the maths paper 1 higher 2023? edexcel
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hey here are my answers pls correct me if i did anything wrong (its not the right order btw)
1)56.4 (division with decimals)
2)4 7/8 (working out with fractions)
3)125 (surface area of cube is 150 cm2 find the volume)
4-the frequency polygon-drawn
5-pressure question)3 (a cylinder has a volume of 1200cm3 and length of 40cm if the force is 90 whats is the pressure)
6-the vacancy and reverse percenatge)1200 (a vacancy has been reduced by 20% and went down by 240 pounds what was the original price)
7-the polygon)140degrees
8-the sphere)10√2
9-scatter diagram)a)as month increases weight increases,they are directly proportional,its a positive correlation b)2.9 however this can change depending on your line
10-venn diagram-a)drawn b)7/10 (E=1-10 A=odd numbers B=square numbers,what is the probability of B')
11-rearranging question)x=5y-28/-3y-8
12-tree diagram and probability)62/72=31/36
13-using graph to solve simultaneous equation)x=6 y=-2
14-fractional indices)3x'7y'3 (i cant remember the power of y it could be smtg else)
15functions-a)cant remember my answer but it was g inverse,b)55
16-circle theorem)71
17-indices-a)n=-2(write 1/16 as a power of 4). b)5
18-algebraic fractions and rationalising surds)cant remember my answer exactly but c=39 a=-2 b=10
19-perpendicular lines k=3
20-the carrot and tomato- carrots:30p and tomatoes:54
21-the desert and main course etc)7
22-directly proportional question)y=16x ,k=16 final answer 80
23- quadratic inequalities -2.5<x<4/3
24-3D trigonometry)30 degrees

THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT ORDER and I hope you get the grade you want : )

questions 11,14,15,18 are just MY answers the rest i checked with other students or teachers
idk exactly how many marks were each so i didnt include it

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