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Change engine oil soon message

Hi All,

I own a 2017 ford fiesta. And for a few weeks every time I turn the car on I get the above message which I took to mean that I’m low on engine oil.

So today, I topped my car up with oil as I checked that the reading was slightly below the lower notch. Despite doing this I kept getting the message so then I reset the oil life (which was previously 4%).

The message now doesn’t appear. But I’m not sure if what I did was the right thing?

I’m slightly more apprehensive as I need to drive to Gatwick airport tomorrow and leave my car in the long stay parking for 1 week. It’s around a 20 mile drive each way.

If it’s helps I don’t drive my car for long distance usually, only for shopping and gym which 5 mins away. There could be 3-4 days where I don’t turn the car on.

Can someone advise please?

Many thanks.
Original post by e^x
I own a 2017 ford fiesta. And for a few weeks every time I turn the car on I get the above message which I took to mean that I’m low on engine oil.

It doesn't mean you're low on engine oil.

Unsurprisingly, the "Change engine oil soon" message appears to be a reminder that it's time to get your oil changed.

On my car (a 2013 Ford, but not a Fiesta), this message reliably starts appearing something like 51 weeks after the last service -- at which point the oil is changed. I assume the oil life thing is reset by the garage when they service the car.
Yeah CHANGE oil is a different message which is programmed to appear on your car past a certain point since the last service, it does not relate to oil level. As above the garage will switch the light off when they change the oil or you can often do it yourself, if the car gave you an 'oil life' of 4% and gave you the option to reset this then that sounds like the same thing It won't do any harm and with your low use the oil will certainly be ok to drive with, just don't put it out of your mind entirely that it will need changed and/or serviced.
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Sometimes the message can come up for other reasons such as if it's reading a drop in oil pressure. This could be a leak, a worn pump or possibly leaky piston rings but very unlikely on a car your age. Just keep checking the level frequently and remove the oil filler cap, make sure oils completely clear, no cloudiness or sludge on the back. Also keep a watch for engine temp at high revs!
changing the engine oil isn't the same thing as topping up the engine oil.

Engine oil needs to be changed - usually every 12 months. the old oil is drained out of the engine (and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way - not tipped down the nearest grid), the old oil filter is removed, a new oil filter is attached and the engine is filled up with brand new oil.

it's a simple enough diy job or you can get it done by a garage, possibly as part of an annual service. if you don't change the oil the engine will eventually die.

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