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French and Spanish

Im currently studying French and Spanish for GCSE and considering both at A levels. I have been advised that it can be very challenging but am finding it difficult to choose between the 2.
Ive been told there are less applicants for French and that there is a better chance of getting into a top Uni with doing French.Is that true.
Are there less applicants for French than Spanish.
Im thinking of doing a language along with economics or management at Uni
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Hi.. I've also chosen to do French at A level because the class sizes are usually extremely small (6-7 per class in my school). I think because there are fewer students who take French, you're more likely to get better support from the teacher and therefore get better grades, if that's what you mean. I wouldn't recommend doing both Spanish and French unless you are absolutely certain you can do both. They're very similar languages and A level courses are likely to be much harder than at GCSE.
Based on your Uni choices, I would say a language would definitely be helpful, but you should choose based on which one you're more comfortable with. I know you study a lot more in depth at A level so you'll have to be willing to put in that much work for whichever one you choose. I'd say wait until results day to make your final decision.. that's what I'm going to do anyway.

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