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Integration is a chaotic concept. Critically discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the idea of integration.
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Integration is a chaotic concept. Critically discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the idea of integration.

Strengths of integration-
(a) For example, if the Syrian refugees integrate then the advantage is that they benefit in terms of picking up the language and manage find jobs and social interaction easy.
(b) The world is changing very fast in terms diversity in different races and cultural dynamics thus people of different culture and ethnicity accept the host country culture and values, then there is benefits for both of them in economic and social stability
(c)Britain benefits from seasonal migrant workers from Eastern European countries- especially in the farming industries; Eastern Europeans willing to learn new language (English) and contribute to tax have more chances of settling down permanently in Britain.
(d) Integration of culture and acceptance of host values can lead to phenomenal achievements in the political environment and in commercial environment. A good example is the former president of USA - Barack Obama and prime minister of U.K - Rishi Sonak.
(e) Disadvantages of integration , the people who have migrated start to lose their original identity and culture. A good example, generally accepted that the Sikh and Hindu community living in Britain, have adopted more of the British culture than their parents' culture. Arranged marriage in Asian culture is getting obsolete and there more mixed marriages and BGT relationships are getting recognition in the Asian community though shun by most Asian communities

(f) Political demands and other right demands have happened throughout the world where people of other countries have integrated in the mainstream population of the host country. Look at Lebanon in the 1970s', the Palestine refugees were demanding autonomous rights in Lebanon and eventually their demands were crushed and subdued. Thus in many rich Arab countries, the government puts restriction on expatriates rights in voting, buying properties, etc lest they get powerful and dominating the political field. This happened in Fuji, an elected Indian origin prime minister was ousted by military coup by the indigenous military leader

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