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1. How does European Immigration and Asylum policy constrain asylum seekers who seek to enter and move within Europe?
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1. How does European Immigration and Asylum policy constrain asylum seekers who seek to enter and move within Europe?

European Immigration and Asylum policy has got more complicated now than 15 years ago. There many contributory factors such European Union Immigration law, Britain Immigration law (post Brexit) and other European countries who have opted out of the European union. Don't be surprised there are four major country players in accepting asylum seekers and these are Britain, Italy . greece and france. All these countries are strategically placed in terms easiest migration routes from main land Africa and parts other Asian counties. It does not take long to analyse statistically that only 40% out of 100% are genuine asylum seekers.Majority of migrants are seeking for better jobs and better life in the four mentioned countries.So, now let us look at Britain, it was announced that last year there were more than 600.000 migrants entering Britain but
very little mentioned how many were seeking asylum status in Britain. Why? lets, go back in history, Britain went to war in Iraq and in Afghanistan, thus in the periods 2003 to 2022, there was large influx of asylum countries from these countries. The British government realise that they had a huge burden to clear this type of immigration into this country let alone other migrants other countries. Thus, Britain layed stringent laws on asylum seekers to the extend the person had to produce paper work to minute detail which was impossible task for an asylum seeker whose language was not English plus the fact he/she had no connections from the country the person escaped.Meanwhile, both asylum seekers and ordinary migrants found easier to pay a trafficker enough money to smuggle them into the European countries.
So, the British government has now taken advantage of these situation which it has now organised a foreign African country to take the migrants irrespective whether the migrant is asylum and or an ordinary migrant. So, all the work is processed in this African country without any guarantee how long the process will take to see if you are eligible to stay in Britain or not. A very inhuman way to deter migration into this country.
France has a moderate government not too far right or nor too far left, they tend to turn blind eye on migrants trying trying cross the channel to Britain. This releases the pressure on keeping the migrants in France. They have impose restrictions on how the migrants live in the settlement camps ( includes asylum seekers). Majority want to travel to Britain thinking the welfare system is much better than France has to offer but the present conservative government is imposing restrictions as better border protection with France corporation.
Greece and Italy have a new extreme right wing government and plays with emotions of local population to make immigration look bad - '' come to conquer our land'' etc . So, it is short term solution to control either asylum or immigration but if the economic of both countries start to fall further, don't be surprise they start to hate migrants who are already stayinng in these countries.

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