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Does anyone here know anything about admissions to UK schools for US students?

My scores are as follows: 780 Math SAT, 760 Verbal SAT, 800 Math IIC SAT II, 780 Writing SAT II. I want to study "maths" and art history or history through linguistics.

What schools (and programs in those schools) do you recommend I apply for next year? Which do I have a shot at, and what can I do to improve my chances of admission?
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Go to the USA British Council website, it answers most questions. When you apply, apply online, as it is much easier. You have a very good shot at most universities if your scores are that high and you gpa is not bad. I got accepted into five of the six universities I applied to and I only had a 700 verbal and 600 Math.
I am pretty sure for American students the trick is to apply as early as you can, have a good reference (ask you consoler to write it and incorporate parts of recs from your math teacher and/or history teacher). When you write your statement get right to the point, do not list all of the activities you have been a part of, rather try to focus on the activities which relate to your intended course of study and future goals. Do not say you were president of the chess club (this is an example) if you are applying to history. Try to be personal in your statement. Have a clear voice; do not be afraid to put some of your personality in your essay--that is what will separate you from all of the other people who have applied to that same course that you have.
Also, proofread and have one other person proofread your statement. Even if you are normally a very good writer chances are you will have some mistakes you overlook.
I would recommend Edinburgh, Kings College, Newcastle and Glasgow.
I hope that helps.
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