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Head start with UCAS + EPQ?

Currently finishing year 12. Done almost all I can for my statement except my epq which my school starts in year 13.
I have lots to put on it as I want to go to a nice uni and don't want to get stressed in september with ucas and epq which are both new to me.

Can I start my personal statement or an epq earlier than my year group? i.e. this summer?
Nothing stopping you writing your personal statement over the summer, in fact that's good as it means you'll be able to get it in earlier at the start of next term and send off your application earlier. Also means it'll be better researched and you will be better informed for the uni course you're applying to
With EPQ again researching and writing it earlier isn't a bad idea, on this i would see how your school structures it as you don't want to have to re-write it if they don't like the structure--but there is nothing stopping you getting going with writing it
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Thank you!

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