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gcse english lang paper 2

can you guys link where to find FULL model answers for english lang paper 2?
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can you guys link where to find FULL model answers for english lang paper 2?

I am more than happy to mark any work you have completed before tomorrow's exam!

i did a practice q5 given by my tuition teacher (not an actual exam paper q a practice one).The question is how does music affect our lives? Write an article.

Music- a gift or a curse? You decide. Music is known to affect us in many different aspects of our live. From social to physical to psychological, even economical.

Music can be viewed as a stimulant or an energizer. It contains many psychological benefits. In a recent scientific article published by Imperial College it stated that " music is a stimulant which specifically targets the left side of your brain. It helps to boost your knowledege and awareness." It is also reported that if you listen to music at least once a day it lifts your mood by 20%. Due to its psychological benefits, music can be used as an antidote for those who are mentally ill.

Music can be used as a form of making social connections. This is because it brings people with similar and different music tastes together. It's simply a universal language. One in which everyone understands each other; regardless of any language barriers. For example, I developed many friendships due to music-related events. Specifically my closest friend as we were both attending the music festival alone and bonded over our contrasting music tastes. As well as this, music has helped me to branch out into other musical genres. Therefore, widening my horizon.

On the other hand, music can be viewed as an economical money making scheme despite its many advantages. There have been many cases in this present day where individuals have been exploited simply with the intention to enjoy themselves. They are scammed for their money where they expected items like merch or concert tickets. Is this what the world has come to? Is this the future- many devious schemes which are set up to exploit? This is the unfortunate underlying reality behind how the role of music may negatively affect others.

Interestingly, many places like gyms encourage gym users to listen to music whilst exercising. Music is well-known for its physical benefits. It is commonly used as a motivator for many physical activities. Specific songs can achieve this through their inspiring lyrics or through their punchy beats. One gym, in particular, based in North West London offers a music related service along with their gym service. Customers can pay an extra £5 on top of their gym membership for a more melodic- experience. This is truly one-of-a-kind!

Music : a method of social interactions, physical encouragement, a psychological stimulant or a money-making scheme. It can be argued that music does come along with endless benefits. However, just like everything else there are still loopholes in which disadvantages can peek through.

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