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Do you really have to make uni decisions in Y12?

Loads of people around me in my school have an idea of what they want to do and saying 'I want to go do X course at Y university' meanwhile I'm here just thinking 'I don't care about what university I go to or what university course I take as long as i'm rich by the end of it'... I didn't actually realise until now how important Y12 mocks were for UCAS and I'm really considering a gap year now after my a levels so that I can scrap this year's predicted grades (A* biology A* chemistry A physics and A in maths), focus solely on the actual end A Level exam grades (i want 4 A* optimally so that I maximize my options available) instead of having to suck up to my teachers, then relax and have more time to make a decision of where I want to go instead of being pressured by my school NOW as a 16 year old who has no clue. Do you HAVE to apply for Unis this year or can you take a gap year after A levels to make more informed, more prepared decisions?
You can take a gap year and apply with achieved grades. Lots of students do this.
One thing I would recommend though - even if you’re planning a gap year. Apply in yr 13 to a handful of universities/courses that seem ok to you. Don’t stress too much about it but use it as a practice application while you’re in college and have support. If you find yourself realising what you want to do then that gives you the option to use extra and clearing in spring/summer 2024, and if not it means that your college have a reference for you on file and you have a ucas account and experience filling in an application ready to submit your application in September-December 2024 for 2025 entry.

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