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Why does no one stare at me in public?

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Original post by Surnia
Spelling, not grammar, and it comes over as an affectation, like all the ngl, irl, yk, idk, when we are asked not to use text-speak on here.

Maybe you're right... but we still don't know how they've learnt English or who's taught them. And it's not like no one else here has used those abbreviations (although I agree it's is overkill in that first post lol).

Moreover, they have apologised

Original post by Anonymous
Ok.. I'm sorry for that

And I didn't know we weren't allowed to use Text talk... I just thought we were too "intellectual" :smartass::lol::h:

Original post by smellyfeet112233
I disagree. I'm 6"6 and so everyone stares at me everywhere and i quite enjoy it.

Surely it depends on who's starring and in what context. As I alluded to in my first post, sometimes it can be nice, other times it can make you feel very self-conscious.

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