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Edexcel IGCSE English Literature Coursework

Hey all,

I have recently found out that one of my friends plagiarised his GCSE English Literature coursework, he said around 40%. I was wondering if the exam board will find out and what the consequences will be, as I find it is a bit unfair that he plagiarised and has gained an upper hand on us.

Thank you.
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hopefully, the exam board will catch on (they probably will) but i know someone who plagiarised around the same amount and got away with it - same exam board too. the possible consequences are that a) he will get a zero for that piece of work b) he will get a zero for that unit of work c) he will get zero for the whole subject or, the harshest one d) he will be disqualfiied from all subjects and be barred from entering for exams for a certain period of time. i imagine that if he does get caught it will be option a or b. but yeah ofc its very unfair and hopefully the exam board will catch on.

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