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Preparing for Computer Science A-Levels

I have not done computer science GCSE, so I was wondering if there was anything I needed to do in order to prepare for computer science A-Levels. Any information and advice is much appreciated, thank you!
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I took GCSE Comp Sci as well and moving from that to A-Level I can say there's absolutely nothing you learn at GCSE that isn't covered by the A-Level spec -- I think because GCSE Comp Sci isn't offered a lot of places so it's generally assumed you haven't done it before. So you can rest assured all will be covered from the basics :smile:

That said, if you want to get a head start, particularly if you're doing the OCR or AQA specs, I would recommend checking out a few of the videos by Craig and Dave on YouTube, as they basically cover the whole spec to a T -- you'll probably end up using them in lessons anyway, but just in case you wanted to check out the content beforehand. You could also try looking up the basics in whichever programming language you'll be using if you know that, but again, everything will be covered right from the beginning at A-Level since it isn't a common subject at GCSE :smile:
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Thank you so much! May your life be good! :smile:

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