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Failed Level 3 exam, passed Mock

Hey all, I am feeling disappointed, saddened & confused.

I felt I had done really well, due to having such good marks in my Mock exam.

I've just had my Level 4 interview & completed a written assignment.

I am not going to give up, I have to wait till Wednesday to have some feedback from my tutor.

I will be resitting the exam, however its left me nervous, as I've worked really hard to get this far.

I have written out a list of negative and positive feelings about failing my exam.

Would be great to hear some advise with my resit & have some encouraging tips.

Thank you 😊
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At this point? Try and get some rest, and don't worry too much.
I wouldn't try and study on the day of the exam; when you do that, the information you read up on will be fresh and the rest gets suppressed, and there's no guarantee that what you study is on the paper.
Instead, to prepare more effectively, do something you'd enjoy. As long as you're not panicking, you should be okay.

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