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As we know phenol reacts with bromine water gives the substitution reaction of bromine to 2,4,6 positions in benzen ring of phenol.
But with methylphenol, I'm confusing
-Firstly, consider 1-methylphenol, as -CH3 group push electron into benzen ring that makes greater electron density in benzen ring, so Br2 can substitue at 2,4,6 postion w.r.t -CH3 group. It means Br can replace any H in benzen ring. :confused:
-Secondly, 2-methylphenol, if Br can only replace at 2,4,6 postions w.r.t -OH group and -CH3 group, so only one H is replaced by Br.
-Thirdly, 3-methylphenol, it will be the same with 1-methylphenol.
However, will they react like that, or maybe Br can replace any H at any cases? :confused:
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AFAIK, if the OH is considered as carbon 1. Then everything else substitutes at carbon 4 then carbon 2 and carbon 6; or all 3 if in excess.

So if bromine is added in excess to 4methylphenol, then you'll get 2,6bromo-4methylphenol I think.
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