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Sienna spray tan so dark!

Hey I got 2 coats of sienna spray tan at 10% a few hours ago and I was very pale before this but they didnt have a lighter shade. I feel it looks so dark right now ( but i havent washed it off yet) I was wondering if anyone else has done this on fair skin at 10% and if it washes off to be much lighter or stays the same. I tried rubbing a bit of with water on ym hand but the colour barely changes. I feel it looks way to dark on me and am worried about how I look. Anyone had this done? Am i just overstressing right now? And do you think it will be fine and i should wash it off early (I got it done about 5 hours ago and wanting to wash it off ASAP but sont know if this will actually take the whole tan or not. Thanks for reading I know this is a long one but im just a very anxious person and I have a big event tommorow and dont want to feel or look bad.

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