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I got a 68.5% in my second year of University, will it get rounded up?

Hello, I go to Coventry University and got my grades back for this semester, I got a lot of modules that end in .5% and after rounding them up I get the final grade of 68.5%. I was wondering if you guys think universities would round this final number once again to make it whole? so it would become 69%. Or maybe not because they cant think rounding it up. I have read through my university's handbooks but I cant seem to find much about this
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they cant keep rounding it up***
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The rules on rounding up can be quite strict and vary from uni to uni. Where I work, they are only rounded up once, to reach the final module grade. No rounding up takes place with the final level mark.
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hmmmm, is this a genuine question or is it a troll thread 🤔

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