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Can colleges find out about you doing additional A-Levels?

My college (remaining unnamed) tends not to allow people to do an additional A-Level outside of college as far as I can tell. I'm currently planning on self-studying A-Level Chemistry using resources pulled from the college course as well as online studying under one of those websites that offer the course and pay for practicals, booklets, etc., but I just wanted to check whether or not the college can find out what I'm doing, because I can almost guarantee they won't approve.

Is there any chance they'll find out by checking exam timetables or something, or am I good? I intend to study this A-Level diligently over my holidays and then take the exam next year, at the same time as all my other exams. I just don't want them to find out and then scold me for taking 4 A-Levels.
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first of all, its so absurd that your college won't let you take four a levels and that they'd get mad about it. That sounds so immature of them. They should be encouraging you rather than getting mad. I'm not sure if they'll find out but there are also some problems like exams clashing, plus you will have to find a school to write the exam in- either your school or another school. I have a friend that does an extra subject in another school and I'm pretty sure my school isn't really aware of it.

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