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Should I go for this job?

Okay so I applied for a job as a business consultant and I have a video interview on Thursday. I read the job description and thought “that’s something I could do.” It’s all about helping businesses with marketing campaigns, data cleansing, helping businesses reach their target audience. At uni we sort of covered this in a module. Much of the role is telesales, so there’s cold calling involved. I think with good training, I could be alright at it I suppose.

However, I told my mum about the role and I told her what company I’ve applied for. She says she knows 4 people who have worked there. None of them liked it at all because there was loads and loads of pressure and it gave one of them anxiety. They failed their probation. A couple of them have marketing degrees too. I don’t. I studied sociology but - like I said - we sort of covered this area in a module I took.

On the one hand, I think it’s something I should go for. I’m still stuck in retail and I graduated last year for god sake. On the other hand, is this really my thing? Does anyone have any advice? I’m gonna do the video interview but I don’t know where I’ll go from there.
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Not really my industry, but I'm a tad confused why a 'business consultant' would be doing telesales... any ideas?

Similarly why anyone helping companies with marketing campaigns or data cleansing would involve telesales...

I might be being daft hete, but I thought telesales was well, a sales job.

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