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Romeo, romeo where for art thou Romeostasis?
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An aryl selenide = ArSe
One of my favourites being the formula for polonium monoxide hehe


Oh it’s brilliant.

Copper nanotubes have the best abbreviation lol (I’ll leave it to your imagination what they are abbreviated as).

This is a seriously good read btw
42 wallaby way , kidney.
There’s a species of moth called Neopalpa donaldtrumpi thanks to the toupee-like pattern on its head
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I was just reading that was particularly amused by Ca2SbMg4FeBe2Si4O20 and then went down the rabbit hole that calls itself wikipedia
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Chitin chiti bang bang
I need a 'spiracle' if im to get through all these puns.
Toooooooooooooonight, Little mix, one direction, and leona lewis, all performing on the Co-factor.
The Tibetan blackbird has the most incredible binomial name lol


Strep in time - Mary Poppins OST

Why was the maths teacher late for work? He/she took the rhombus

Original post by Muttley79
Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7, 8, 9

But why did 7 eat 9?


Original post by TypicalNerd
The Tibetan blackbird has the most incredible binomial name lol


He sure does have a great name, Not too 'Tax' ing.
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Original post by Ghostlady
lol sorry i got loads of biology ones lol

Ever the biology gene-ius…
Possibly my favourite limerick of all time:
an excellent one.png



I would prove I’m an ok mathematician, but that would be going off on a tangent.
3rd place first response
2nd place boots preganancy test strips
1st place Clear blue pregnancy test

Clear blue wins! They get to hold the ''Humanchorionicgonadatrophy''
Puns are a curium for all ills :tongue:
Kelvin and Hobbes

Farad from the Madding Crowd

Love Hertz

Far From Ohm
Thank you everyone for your fantastic punnage and jokes :party:

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