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Dentistry with A*AB predicteds?

I'm currently in Year 12 and got A*AB for my predicted grades (A* in maths, A in bio, and B in chem) , but basically everywhere needs at least an AAA for dentistry. Is there any way for me to apply, and if I do, do I have a chance? If not, what should I do to better my application?
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Are you eligible for contextual? That could be an option…
Speak to your teachers and see if there’s anything you could do to boost your predicted before applying, sometimes they will based on completed work or assessments.
Other than that it may be best to take a gap year and apply then. You can sweat out your exams in year 13, get the grades you need and then apply with those grades once you have them. Dentistry is so competitive with many ‘perfect’ applications that if you don’t even meet the minimum grade requirements you will just be cut instantly they don’t have time to care for the rest of your application, it’s a very easy way to dwindle applicants!

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