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Boss flirt wished me all the best without replying back to my request of references

My boss fell in love and subsequently fired me, to put it bluntly. I was doing a good job before that according to herself. We had no conflicts. She offered some random excuse that didn't make sense.

Pertaining to my references. Is she heartbroken and just shut down with her auto reply or does she want me to go back there, without saying it openly?

She said in the past that I will get good references.

I did get a nice gift basket from work.... So I figured everything was fine and dandy. She did not want to show up for my last two weeks. Took a random vacation.

Isn't this pretty immature behavior? I feel like we broke up:smile:

Can I tell her that I love her now that I'm no longer an employee? What should I do?

#Right out of a movie.
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Don’t mix business and pleasure
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Original post by Zarek
Don’t mix business and pleasure

Instant attraction and familiarity. So I'm happy to be out of there. But I do wonder what her state of mind is right now.

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