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Hello sensible people, I'm an incoming physicist to Oxford! I love physics and maths, and with a bit of luck (I hope my A Levels went well and I didn't make careless mistakes!) I'll see you all in Oxford!

I want to journal some random thoughts I have here, from venting my experiences, impostor syndrome, to studying, stress, and ultimately have a record where I can reflect upon the amazing Oxford (or gap year :sob:smile: journey I'm about to embark.


Demographics: Asian male
Country: somewhere in rural Southeast Asia (never been far from my town XD so I'm super excited)
Education: O Levels 2021, A Level (Physics, Chem, Maths, FM) 2023, predicted 4A*
How I'm funding the 44k pounds/year tuition fees: government loan T-T
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I'll be following this blog! :h:
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Original post by iL1L
I'll be following this blog! :h:

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