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Huddersfield, Teeside or University for Creative Arts

Hi, I got into the University of Huddersfield, Teeside and the University of Creative Arts for a MA in Illustration degree. I need some advice in choosing the University. I am unsure whether to go with good ranking, reputation or course. I am open to any suggestion.
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Forgetting which university offers which course, is there any of the three that you are particularly keen to do? I.e., you find the degree structure and the content offered most appealing? Different universities have different strengths, even in subfields strengths can differ, so it's best to go with a course that best fits your interests and areas you want to focus on. Rankings don't matter too much as different rankings consider and weigh criteria differently, so they are quite subjective and are subject to change. You also don't have to go with the university that has the best reputation - so long as the department doesn't have a negative reputation (i.e. is considered negative in the industry you are aiming for), then you should be alright.

No one can tell you which university to go to as each course will have its own strengths that suit different people, so my suggestion is to find the course that resonates with you best and gets you the most excited for your MA. Best of luck!

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