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Bsc Digital Forensics & Cyber Security degree

Im going to Uni in September and have chosen Digital Forensics & Cyber Security... I have no IT background. I did A-level Bio, Chem and Criminology! I have been accepted because as I didnt need an IT related A-level, but i still fear I might be taking myself into the deep end by doing this degree
Anyone done the same as me? Or have any tips/advice?
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You posted this 5 months ago, so probably well in to Uni life now. I do hope you are doing well.

I have a strong background in cyber sec. As youv probably found out, you will need programming skills ( python most likely) and if you are lucky you will be at a uni which is very hands on. So you get the practical aspect down to.

I suggest investing alot of time in self learning, sites such as tryhackme and hackthebox academy will help you immensely, infact you will learn more on those two sites than at any university!

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