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Have I messed up on my subject choices?

Hi there, I'm moving on to Year 12 after this summer and have selected my A-Level choices. I have time to change them and am just worrying that they aren't varied enough for top universities (I want to study law). My options at the moment are History, Politics, Latin, and Classics. I've heard that they quite like variety and I was recommended to take something scientific by the careers advisers at my school.
Is this true? Do I really have to give up one of these subjects (which I really do like) for the variety?

Thanks for any advice.
Unis will state whether they have any subject preferences. If they just list an essential subject or two, (and tbh Law rarely has any), then you will be absolutely fine.

Hypothetically some unis might consider History and Classics as overlapping, so that might be a good question to ask them before finalising your subjects.

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