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Thinking of applying to other units for second year. Any advice?

I’m currently on a suspension year at my current uni. At my current uni I was doing an accelerated/ 2 year degree and I found this very challenging. I also have ADHD and it really didn’t help. I’m currently studying Business Management and finishing my first year assessments. My last assessment is due in September.

Now since I’m on a suspension year, I’ll be graduating in 2025 and no longer 2024 which was why I even applied to a fast track course- to finish early. I won’t be doing that anymore and I still find the fast pace very challenging. I want to go to another uni and apply for Marketing/ Digital Marketing for the rest of my 2 years at uni.

Is this possible? So if I finish my first year in business management and then apply for second year at another uni for September in marketing. Any advice?

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