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Should I disclose my chronic illness in a commercial law firm VS application?

(edited 5 months ago)
I know it's a difficult issue but I think it may be best not to mention it.
I’m not sure if anyone’s had a serious conversation with you about the demands of commercial law but if you’re struggling to even manage extra curricular activities, the magic circle scene is not for you. I’ve known a few people who have similar medical conditions (ie a condition impeding their ability to work long hours, etc) but soldiered through their TC and have only made their condition/health worse and are now leaving.

It’s not easy for even fully functioning healthy people. And while I think it’s commendable that you’ve come this far, you really should have conversations with more people in the industry before you decide to commit. I’m not convinced you’ve actually done that if your only reflection on the demands is thinking you’ll be an exception to the burnout.

If you insist on pursuing law, perhaps an area with lighter hours might be more suitable?

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