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Does he like me ?M/20 and F/20 year old

We only have been communicating on snap(he unfollowed me on insta after I followed him back ) and at first it seems like he only like my nudes .Yet, when I do not snap me back he still snaps me . I ignored him for one week (since I am like that and always feel like people do not like me and eventually forget about me) but he still sent me snaps ( from half face snaps, and how are u snaps and also a snap from his upper body)when he asked me if I was really busy or ...(whatever those dots mean) I said yes and lied about being sick. I do not know if he likes me for more than my body tbh but why does he always responds quickly (max 2 hours later even if I ignore him for several days ?) plus what does the half face snap mean since he always ends the conversation like that and it freaks me out . Sorry in advance for my grammar , I am just so confused .
Seems like a game player who likes nudes tbh.
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He can't really like you when he doesn't know you in person.
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Original post by Admit-One
Seems like a game player who likes nudes tbh.

Thanks I believe ur right

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