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Hello everyone!

I want to get experience as an Assistant Psychologist, hopefully in CAMHS.
I am currently working as a Support Worker (Learning Disabilities, ASD, Down Syndrome) and am thinking about working as a Teaching Assistant (SEN). Do you think these experiences will help me get the AP job?

What else can boost my chances?
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I've just finished uni and am also trying to secure an AP post. I think some people go down the healthcare assistant route, but I have heard of people becoming support workers too.

It's not necessarily about the roles you've done, but the things you can apply to the job description of the new role you want to apply for. Your experience as a support worker sounds very relevant to AP roles, but be sure to reflect on the skills you've learned (e.g., tailoring your approach to a range of patients, being understanding towards their needs etc).

I think a teaching assistant role for SEN is also relevant to AP, but more suited to people who eventually want a place on an ed psych doctorate rather than clinical, so think about your end goals too.

Good luck!

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