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Is there any advice for trying to lower the cost? That’s with my parents on the policy btw.

Yea get a more sensible car. This is the insurers telling you they are pretty sure you are going to crash in an expensive way.
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Considering they gave you a 2019 plated BMW as what I presume is your first car, you can probably afford the insurance, your parents would've known this before gifted it to you.....

But anyhow, make one of your parents the main driver and you the named. If your the main driver and you just passed your license on a 19 plate BMW, it makes sense to be that high.

If you want to be the main driver, then sell the BMW buy a cheap car, build up your no claims and when the time is ready by yourself a nice

That's just my opinion

By using parent as main driver, you are suggesting illegal activity…..research ‘fronting’.
Sell the car. Drive something less silly.
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It’s absolutely not fronting there’s a thing where you can get someone else as a named driver obviously he doesn’t mean on they’re name it means as a named driver.

That’s why the person you’re quoting was specially referring to adding the parent as the main driver when in reality, they wouldn’t be.
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The guy who said this didn’t say thats what they did, he brought that up for no reason wtf u on about

Please don’t bump 8 month old threads for things you imagine people said. The thread starter didn’t take any issue with it. It’s redundant at this point. The advice was sound, if you name someone as the main driver, then they must be.
Insurance got sorted we can let it go guys 👍
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You’re gonna get smoked when I get a brand new one in a couple years time got a brand new esprit alpine etech Clio on the way 🤫

Blud what are you on about