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Help with choosing between KCL, LSE, and UCL for IR-related Master's

I just got my offers for postgraduate admissions for some of the schools I applied to, and I’m a little unsure about whether they are worth or or not. If anyone has any insights, I’d be very grateful. All stats are derived from and for the years 2021/22.

1. KCL MSc Global Affairs: offer rate is 62% with 71 acceptances, KCL is not generally that respected in comparison to UCL or LSE ime, but the course looks really interested. Lots of international students too, though, so I’m not sure how that will affect the course.

2. LSE MSc Political Science (Global Politics): I think this is a new course, but the closest one I found was the MSc Global Politics from 2021/22, and there was a 20% offer rate with 37 acceptances. LSE is renowned, but I can’t help but feel like it’s a cash cow because fees are so expensive even for domestic students. Something about all the finance bros I’ve met there gives me the ick as well.

3. UCL MSc Security Studies: around 57% offer rate with 58-62 acceptances. The course looks interesting enough, but I don’t think UCL has a better reputation than LSE in the field of global policymaking or IR.

4. KCL MA International Peace and Security: I really liked this one but found out it had a 77% offer rate. That's insane and makes me think it's not reputable and is just a poxy degree. 47 acceptances though, and people I have spoken to from the course are going into good jobs, plus it is in the War Studies department which I reckon is pretty reputable for those in the IR circuit.

Any thoughts on how I can make my decision? Or on any of these courses or unis at all? Thanks in advance!

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