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How To Prepare For A-Level Results Day!

Check Your Entry Requirements
If you've received an offer from one of your chosen universities, you've probably also received a set of entry requirements that you'll have to meet before you can be fully accepted onto the course. Whether it's based on tariff points or letter grades, make sure to remind yourself of the requirements for both your firm and insurance offer before Results Day to give you a better idea of what you're hoping to achieve on the day.

Remember the UCAS A-Level Tariff Points Guide:

A* - 56
A - 48
B - 40
C - 32
D - 24
E - 16

(AS-Levels will also earn tariff points, although significantly less than A-Levels - however, in some cases they can make the difference between you meeting your offer or not! If you have an extra AS-Level, make sure to add that into your calculated total - the points guide can be found online/through the UCAS website.)

Check Your University's Clearing Support
Sometimes, even if you don't meet the grade requirements, the university may have spare places going and accept lower marks for your chosen course, or offer you a spot on a different course (usually in the same field) instead. This all depends on how many people meet their offers on the day and how many don't, so whilst it's not something you can necessarily predict ahead of time, it's definitely something to consider - are you more flexible on your course or on your university?

Talk It Through With Friends and Family
Whether you think you've screwed up a paper or aced every question, talking to friends and family can help not just manage your own expectations, but also theirs. Your parents, guardians or siblings may have no idea what you're expecting on the day, and could be absolutely clueless about what's 'good' or 'bad' when you open that letter - by informing them of the grades you're hoping to achieve, you're putting them in a much better position to support you if things go wrong.

Be Hopeful and Plan Ahead
If you didn't show up for any of your exams, it might be slightly unrealistic to expect three A*'s - but equally, if you've tried your best and studied hard, try not to go into Results Day expecting the absolute worst. Look into potential clearing options and note down the phone numbers of any universities you might be interested in - the sooner you call up on Results Day, the better the chance you have of making it onto a course you want! If your heart is set on attending a certain university, consider the idea of deferring - this gives you time to resit any necessary exams, reapply and maybe build up some money from part-time jobs in the meantime.

How are we feeling about Results Day at this point? Are we sweating over it or trying our best to forget all about it? Drop a reply down below! :biggrin:

- Eve (Kingston Rep).
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