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Late Summer Assessment - Postgraduate

Hi there!

I failed two modules, which I have to resubmit in the late summer assessment period. I understand it is the final attempt, but I'm confused about what happens in the following scenario:

I pass all modules, except for one (worth 30 credits). From what I was indirectly told, this means automatic failure of the degree. Of course I've been doing my best to make sure I pass this time, but I want to be prepared for everything. If I fail a module during the second attempt, am I actually being expelled/send away with no qualifications at all? I understand there's no way to still get masters in this case, but I can't imagine to work hard the entire year and receive absolutely nothing in return, despite passing the remaining 150 credits.

The anxiety I've been experiencing since I found out about the failed modules has become debilitating. The thought of failing the entire degree (especially this one, for professional reasons) has given me a proper mental breakdown. I hope someone here will have more knowledge about the late summer assessment period - I would be grateful for giving me some information! Of course, I asked my course leader and administrator, but it's like my question was brushed off.

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